The Ocean And Your Eyes Wide Open

by Olde Sake

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In parking lots, dorm rooms, basements, and bedrooms, James Ryan wrote the skeleton for what would become Olde Sake's debut album, The Ocean And Your Eyes Wide Open.
This album was, in his own words, "Loved, Pushed Aside, Resumed, Abandoned, and finally brought to Life, and not without the help of my friends."
The album features a wide array of acoustic instrumentation blended with electronic elements that swell and sway between songs. Percussion was soon added by Kevin Otto (The Mayor), as well as Matthew Gaffney (Porches, Rumors), and the project was finally brought to fruition in March of 2012.


released March 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Olde Sake East Hampton, New York

Olde Sake is the crisp air that hits you after it travels thousands of miles over open ocean.

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Track Name: Anyone & You
Oh my dear you really got me good
This isn't something that comes easily
I needed something more
I know that I can't
I'm all out of love for you
I'm not alone
I'm just without you in my eyes
I could have been anyone to you
and I'd be fine
'cause what you said made me feel
like I'd lost my mind
I could have been anyone
To You
Track Name: Island Eyes
I will come softly
in the morning
as not to wake you
and if I dig my own grave
You're all I want in death
You're who I want to know
when I'm swept by a smile
waters rush on our island
we get taken by the tide
$and dollar$ in our eye$
and if I spoke You wouldn't hear me
even if I spoke clearly
so I'm justs one more passing glance
O God!
the cost of romance
Track Name: Rolling & Blue
Things that everyone
had said
have all
run dry
I'll try
to think
happy things
about you
Time spent
in the sand
holding each others
time to breathe
was all that i needed
till I was breathing you
waves churned
time turned
oh how your kiss
it burns me
Track Name: Paper Flower (Old Boys)
Cry in my room
I'll do the same
as you
wanted me, too
Things haven't changed
not one bit
this is something I tend to forget
I went swimming in my ocean
and I landed in
Your garden
and I tried
to find some seed to sow
but baby, I need you home
And I don't want to look uncool
but these dreams
they remind me of you
And I don't want to be like that
but these things
they just bring me back
And I don't want to be uncool
but these dreams
they remind me of you
I don't want to be like that
I just want my baby back
What a sight
for tired eyes
shining smile
and killer thighs
baby, you are my burning
paper flower
see you in about
ten hours
Track Name: Candles
I'll blow out your candles
when you fall asleep
just as you did for me
and when I say goodnight
I hope your mind's at ease
You shaped me by his hand
and flowers bloom where you'd stand
and they'll grow
by the glow of your golden locks
The reason that you aren't here
is still unclear to me
our candle
burns so dim
And at times of disarray
you gave me poems to say
so I'll sing just to ease the sting
of time
just to ease my mind
Track Name: Church Song
I left my home to fall out to sea
I left my whole life to fall asleep
long days, cold nights
i got beaten down on a Monday
dragged out on a Tuesday
Wednesday I'm free
I saw the ghost
of your dream
following me
Stick to the promise girl
that you made me
Back down on a Thursday
on my back on a Friday
Saturday I'm dying
down on my knees
and I go to Church on the Sunday
and I pray to God
pray to God
Don't you pray?
Don't you?
Don't you lie to me
Be my woman, gal
I'm your man
I'd be down without
this pulse in my hand
be my woman, gal
I'm your man
Track Name: Information Superhighway Mom
Petal-picking game
love me love me
we all can't get enough
plug me into your seeping knowing
fill me up with distrust
you're a tool for the foreign lovers
that I've known from the past
soldiers in formation
to stop the information
from getting into our hands
I'm a flower, you're the Sun
I'm a martyr, you're a god
to everyone
World economy's been collapsing
everyones doing the dance
molotov cocktails flaming, breaking
all over everything
while some can't break glance
from computer romance
O God!
I may be stupid
but Man, you are dumb
Information Superhighway Mom
Picture yourself sending mayday
through wire
"World: help if you're watching, our leaders have lied!"
Track Name: Sing Atlantic
I loved everyone
but I lost my old true friend
we lost everything
had to build it back again
But they don't know
of our plans to grow up
old together
and if they can't change me
they'll find somebody else
'cause they can't predict the weather
You and I being wed by the sea
The ocean and your eyes wide open
the salty air
your snarling hair
your emerald stare
well, I can't fall away from it
I can't believe
what she's done to me
but I don't care
'cause it don't matter
I know I know better, now I'm no better
I loved everyone but I lost my old true friend
that's just how it's gotta be
gotta lose something in the end
gotta build it back again!